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Enabling SSH via OEM TGZ on ESXi 4.0

By Osterberg |  Aug 21, 2009  | esxi
Recently I’ve replaced my server at home with a new one. I installed ESXi on a USB stick and enabled the SSH as described here Then updated it via vSphere Host Update Utility 4.0. After rebooting ESXi the SSH server wasn’t working. Doing less /etc/inetd.conf revealed that the SSH server was reset to default (turned off). Googling this, it seems that ESXi now tries to set the defaults on various things when rebooting.
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How to Create Lager Drives Than 256 GB in ESXi 4.0

By Osterberg |  Jun 6, 2009  | esxi, hdd
Recently I’ve tried to create a harddisk for a virtual machine in VMware that I wanted to be 600 GB in size. I ran the “Add Hardware” wizard in vSphere Client and selected the harddisk, typed 600 GB as disk size and !PLONK! hmmm, it defaults to 256 GB. Googletime! As I now learned the max size of the disk or rather the max size of the VMDK is directly dependant of the block size of the VMFS partition.
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Enable the unsupported SSH Server in ESXi 4.0

By Osterberg |  Jun 3, 2009  | esxi
At the console of the ESXi host, press ALT+F1 to access the command shell. Enter unsupported in the console and hit enter. You will not see what you type. If you did it right you should see a fairly common linux command promt like: ~# Edit the file /etc/inetd.conf. Remove the # in front of the line that starts with # SSH.
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