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Install Active Directory on Server Core 2008

By Osterberg |  Aug 14, 2009  | core, server-2008, active-directory
To install Active Directory on Server Core 2008 you need to run dcpromo.exe in unattended mode. First start notepad on the target Core server and paste the following: [DCINSTALL] InstallDNS=yes NewDomain=forest NewDomainDNSName=<The fully qualified Domain Name System (DNS) name> DomainNetBiosName=<By default, the first label of the fully qualified DNS name> SiteName=<Default-First-Site-Name> ReplicaOrNewDomain=domain ForestLevel=3 DomainLevel=3 DatabasePath="%systemroot%\NTDS" LogPath="%systemroot%\NTDS" RebootOnCompletion=yes SYSVOLPath="%systemroot%\SYSVOL" SafeModeAdminPassword=P@ssw0rd This is example is for a new forest installation with Forest and Domain level set to 2008.
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Change Screen Resolution in Server Core 2008

By Osterberg |  Aug 12, 2009  | core, server-2008, screen-resolution
Ever wondered how to change screen resolution in Server Core? I’ve found a blogpost about that here Change resolution on server coreAnd just to simplify it: Locate \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video{classID}\0000\DefaultSettings.XResolution and \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video{classID}\0000\DefaultSettings.YResolution where you have a key named “VolatileSettings” directly under the *\0000* key. Set the values to desired screen resolution. In the case above it’s set to 1024x768. Restart the server for the changes to take affect.
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Install Vmware Tools on Windows 2008 Server Core

By Osterberg |  Jun 3, 2009  | core, server-2008, vmware-tools
To install VMware tools on server core, do as you usually do: In the vmware consol, in the menu under VM choose Guest –> Install/Upgrade VMware Tools After you’ve done that, probably nothing happens… In the command prompt, change to the CD-ROM drive. Type dir and you should see the VMware tools install files. Type setup.exe to start the installation. Continue as usually and restart the guest when done.
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How to Disable Ipv6 and Ipv6 Tunnels on Windows 2008 Server Core and Vista

By Osterberg |  Jun 3, 2009  | core, server-2008, ipv6
Start the “Registry Editor” by typing “regedit” in a elevated command prompt. Go to: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters Create a new DWORD key named: DisabledComponents and set it to FFFFFFFF (8 F:s). Close “Registry Editor” and reboot the server… (How? Type shutdown /r /f /t 1 /c “removed ipv6”) This should disable all ipv6 and ipv6 tunnels. More info at Microsoft
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How to Change the Name on a Interface on Windows 2008 Server Core

By Osterberg |  Jun 3, 2009  | core, server-2008, interface
Sometimes you want to change the name on interfaces in server core to make them more understandable. This is how you do it: First, show the current name of all interfaces: netsh interface show interface Then: netsh interface set interface name=currentname newname=newname Remember: If your interface name contains spaces you have to use quotes (“), so in most default cases where the current name of the interface is Local Area Connection, you have to add quotes when using the command.
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How to Set the IP Address on Windows 2008 Server Core

By Osterberg |  Jun 3, 2009  | core, server-2008, ipaddress
Type the following in a console window: netsh interface ipv4 show interface It should output something like this As you can see, our interface have ID 2 (column Idx). Then to set the ip address type the following (replacing the address, netmask and gateway with your own values): netsh interface ipv4 set address name=”2” source=static address= mask= gateway= Next it’s time to set up addresses to DNS servers, type: netsh interface ipv4 add dnsserver name=”2” address=192.
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